Yoga Lab Westshore is accepting applications for a Studio Manager to collaboratively work with our Director of Operations to oversee the wellbeing of our business. Our  Studio Manager is responsible for all the day-to-day needs of the business and has a love for supporting teachers, ambassadors and students. Our ideal candidate is a person who is looking for a long term role, loves to be organized and strives to be dependable.

WANT TO APPLY?  Send to darci@yogalabwestshore.ca, your resume and cover letter and an answer to the following question:  If you had to organize every one of our students, teachers and ambassadors in a giant game of tag, what would your process look like? 


Details of the Position:

40 hours/week

$18-20/hr depending on experience

Shift is 9:00 – 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday

2 weeks holidays after successful completion of first year

Unlimited yoga classes

1 loved one yoga pass/month

$100 trade money

30% off Yoga Lab Retail (excluding food/beverages) 

30% off workshops


Skills Required 

  • Relationship building skills
  • Healthy understanding of boundaries 
  • Patience
  • Doesn’t get caught up in the feeling of urgency
  • Use of software programs (including Mind Body, Constant Contact and Google Drive)
  • Comfortable providing feedback and using critical thought processes to develop more effective processes
  • Attention to detail 
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Thrives in working as part of a team
  • Is passionate about yoga & mindful fitness
  • Has an innate ability to juggle many roles, and can prioritize and change tasks as required

Student Support

  • Provide friendly service to our students (engage, be present, offer support) 
  • Educate students on the benefits of Yoga
  • Communicate our philosophy & values
  • Help foster a positive culture that is based on learning and growing together
  • Manage student concerns and redirect to the Darci when necessary
  • Take ownership over the front desk organization and dissemination of information
  • Support Teachers during sign-in if super busy or they need to step away from the desk
  • Support students with purchasing passes & memberships
  • Input sales data into spreadsheet and review on a monthly basis with Director
  • Stay connected with new students (intro-pass), inquiring about their experience, goals, and exploring membership options 
  • Support students with retail purchases
  • Manage all membership suspensions & complete contracts as necessary 
  • Share about upcoming events with students
  • Balance float & Mind Body
  • Respond to emails, voice messages and incoming calls
  • Oversee the ambassador responsible for responding to support@ emails
  • Follow up on contact logs
  • Oversee all retreat details leading up to, and post retreats.  In instances where the local retreat is sold out, your attendance is free of charge in exchange for approximately 10 hours of work during the course of the weekend.

Oversee Ambassador Program

  • Oversee Recruiter and Coordinator to make sure their needs are met in role
  • As required, terminate or hire new Recruiter or Coordinator with the support of Darci
  • Coordinate semesterly meeting with Recruiter and Coordinator to address issues and potential changes. 
  • Work with Darci to determine necessary changes and disseminate the changes as required
  • Update YLW Ambassador Resource Program as required
  • Ensure the ambassadors are supported on shift, and complete their roles should there be no ambassador.  
  • Support the Recruiter in any training that needs to be done within the studio.
  • Hire, train and provide tasks to front desk ambassadors, they are there to support you.
  • Provide opportunities for feedback so that we are always growing
  • Ensure policies are being adhered to
  • Organize Annual Ambassador Appreciation Party

Support Massage Therapy

  • Support the massage therapist to ensure in-take sheets are available
  • Work with the Director to update systems as required.
  • Support the massage therapist to ensure ambassadors are taking care of the cleanliness of the room and assist in setting up availability in MindBody.
  • Help with completing sales and rescheduling each client after their massage.

Support Retail Program

  • Receive purchased orders, stock shelves and count inventory as necessary
  • Communicate retail sales tips to staff/teachers/ambassadors via video and imagery on the Internal Communications Board
  • Take pictures and submit them to our social media expert for posting
  • Review min/max stock numbers and advise on what needs restocking and how much.


  • Social Media:
    • Support Social Media team by hearing recommendations and tips and adding stories to our instagram account
    • Uploading information to facebook events
  • Website/Mind Body:
    • Update Website/Mind Body with events from core content
    • Update with team bios each semester
    • Input schedule each semester
  • Campaigns:
    • Receive campaigns and work within the studio to support their success.
  • Flash Sales:
    • Help with the creation of the promotional newsletter that goes out once a month.
  • Newsletter
    • Take information in core content and help amplify it by editing as necessary
    • Take information in core content document and plug it into the newsletter and sending it out accordingly

Support Facility 

  • Accountable for overseeing the maintenance & cleanliness of our facility 
  • Organize and facilitate all repairs
  • Order studio supplies on a weekly basis as needed
  • Coordinate with ambassadors to pick up supplies where possible
  • Ensure all receipts are accounted for and keep purchases within our budget
  • Complete monthly Visa Rec by the 5th of each month
  • Clean or tidy between classes when Ambassadors are absent
  • Ensure supply room is optimally functional & tidy
  • Manage the deep clean system & monitor (1/week)
  • Provide on-call coverage for emergency repair/facility support when our Director of Operations is on vacation/scheduled time off 
  • Manage studio room rentals
  • Co-facilitate teacher orientations by teaching them about the studio, ambassador roles, and where to find things at the front desk.
  • Make sure reduced class schedules have been posted in bathrooms, front desk and front door for each holiday.
  • Cycle posters in and out in their approved locations around the studio

Support the Studio Director

  • Meet with the Studio Director(s) to address projects, semester calendars and plan times accordingly.
  • Support the director by switching gears as necessary to address immediate daily needs.


Instagram post 2225218826987293441_642881456 New to our studio? Join our community for 40 days for $40.⁠⠀only available until January 31.
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Instagram post 2223825517601522177_642881456 Three of our favourite things: Fridays, Fitness and Fuzzy Friends!⁠⠀
Happy Friday everyone, how was your snowy week?
Instagram post 2222835476452535292_642881456 How do we go from freezing cold, to gorgeous and sunny!  We hope that everyone is ready to get back into the heat.  Tonight we have the following classes:
4:30 - Sweat & Stretch
6:00 - Flow
7:30 - Yin (Special for tonight only)

We hope to see you in the warmest place in Langford!
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Instagram post 2220852056789528535_642881456 🎵Happy Birthday to you! ⁠
Happy Birthday to you, ⁠
Happy Birthday dear Jen, ⁠
we so love working with you!🎵⁠
Wish you a very Happy Birthday, we hope your day is as incredible as you!⁠
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Instagram post 2220736426102002346_642881456 Curious about what FIT class is all about? Come out to our latest workshop 'ABCs of Fit'⁠⠀
Join @jenmacd13 , @darcinyal and @modo_melissa for a 2.5-hour boot camp style workshop highlighting Fit, a mat-based fusion class where foundations are explored to build functional strength while incorporating the mindful inner listening of a yoga class. ⁠⠀
Expect to work hard, laugh a lot, and just how strong your body is (Hint: you're stronger than you think!) ⁠⠀
Just a head up: this class may include partner work.⁠ Just a few spots left, register today!
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity⁠⠀
Instagram post 2219251488974505372_642881456 We completely understand, parking isn't always easy but once you know where to park, it's no longer a pain. Three really important things to remember when coming to the studio:⁠⠀
• Arrive early so you aren’t feeling rushed in finding a spot.  Your yoga practice starts far before you arrive, so breathe deep and offer yourself the time you need to arrive safely and without added stress.⁠⠀
• Don’t park in stalls that are not approved.  We really want to you to be happy when you leave the studio and cars that have been tow do not equal happiness.⁠⠀
• When in doubt, ask it out!  There is always somebody at the front desk who can let you know if where you parked requires some refining!⁠⠀
Free and safe places to park your vehicle ANYTIME are: ⁠⠀
• On the main parking pad in front of the studio in stalls marked “The Lab” or the ones that are unmarked entirely.⁠⠀
• Across the street at Walmart (they are absolutely supportive of it too!)⁠⠀
Additional parking stalls for EVENINGS & WEEKENDS⁠: ⁠⠀
• Splashes (Upper Deck) – after 5 PM Monday to Saturday, and FREE all day Sundays⁠⠀
• Splashes (Lower Deck closer to Jacklin Road) – after 5 PM Monday to Friday, FREE on the weekends⁠⠀
We hope the tips above will help make parking problems a thing of the past! Where's your go-to parking spot?
Instagram post 2218503191192370374_642881456 Reminder: ⁠
- You're awesome⁠
- You can do anything you put your mind to⁠
- Drink some more water⁠
Drinking water to hydrate your bod before a hot yoga class is not just a good idea, it's essential to help you stay hydrated, flush toxins and keep your energy up throughout your day. ⁠
Do you have any tips or tricks to help you to remember to drink up? Share them below.⁠
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity⁠
Instagram post 2217581960905601291_642881456 :: Want a $4/month membership? :: We are in need of Ambassadors.  In particular, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.  If you would love to only pay $4/month for an unlimited membership, plus contribute to the collective well being of this studio by committing to 4 hours a week of in studio support - we want to hear from you.  We also have some pretty amazing perks too, which includes a wicked discount on lulu clothes! 
Instagram post 2217268341806309286_642881456 With the beginning of the new decade, it feels like everyone is looking for a change and to become their best selves. Creating a clear vision for what's to come in this decade is the first step.
Join us on Friday at 7pm for a vision boarding workshop to help you create clarity and move into the new year with ease and grace. ⁠⠀
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity ⁠⠀


311, 895 Langford Parkway (MAP)
Victoria, BC v9B 4V5