It is said that human connection is one of the most spectacular attributes that make us not just human, but also humane.

Going on retreat can be such a beautiful gift that you give yourself, and those who love you.  It allows you to disconnect so that you can connect fully to your goals, your needs and your self care!  When we take care of ourselves, we are able to really show up for others.  And why not go on retreat with members for your own sangha (community)?  Each year, Yoga Lab Westshore hosts a 3 day retreat at various locations all over the island.  When Darci first moved here from Alberta, she decided she wanted to spend the rest of her life exploring these magical islands, and each year you have an opportunity to join her.  Below are the details for our next retreat, we’d love to have you join us.

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a retreat for aspiring leaders


OCTOBER 25-27, 2019

It is said that human connection is one of the most spectacular attributes that make us not just human, but also humane.  Join Darci Nyal, vulnerability junkie in a 3 day experience where the opportunity to connect with other retreaters, yourself and your environment is not just highlighted but explored from many different angles.  Perched on the edge of the Saanich inlet, the Morningside Estate is a fantastic mansion where the intimate nature of the location allows for a beauty in friendship building, depth in conversation, and a closeness to nature that seems to encompass it all.  The 3 day weekend will explore slow moving yoga classes, meals made together and enjoyed together, a book review by one of Darci’s favourite authors, time spent in nature, casual drinks poolside or in the hot tub during the stargazing hours of the evenings.  There are two experiences that will make this the ultimate of retreats. Chef Castro of the House of Boateng will be here Friday evening to delight our taste buds and teach us about his culinary world of food pairing and our island around us. The second is that upon registration, participants will receive a custom curated package that will set the theme for the retreat.  Be prepared to be delighted, inspired and filled up at this retreat that is themed around enhancing your skills as a leader, a feminist, a mover and a shaker!

Learn more about Darci here…


If you’ve ever met Darci she is constantly trying to connect people.  Whether she’s inviting random students and friends out to events, or double or triple introducing people – she is always trying her best to make sure everybody feels welcome, and part of our family.  Attending this retreat will feel just the same way. An authentic opportunity to gain a connection with new and old friends, bridge our differences through storytelling, book reviewing, cooking in small groups, eating all the amazing creations, all the while embracing the west coast views.


It’s always been Darci’s dream to rent one giant mansion where the entire space is ours.  Imagine ocean view rooms with indoor and outdoor access, wrap around decks that go for what seems like forever.  A giant indoor kitchen, with a dinning room to serve us all. An oversized great room with the biggest fire place you’ve ever seen.  And outdoors… well, where do we begin? The pool will be great for quick dips post yoga class, or you can skip the cool water and jump into the hot tub with the 360 view of the inlet.  Walk down a small path and you’ll find yourself around a fire pit ready for late night gatherings. Or wake up early in the morning and take a kayak tour along the Saanich Inlet. The thing that makes it exceptional is the close proximity and intimacy of the space.  We are all collectively together, in the privacy of our own estate.

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Arriving at 11:00 AM, you will be greeted by Darci where you’ll get directions to your room, and a light tour of the mansion.  Depending on the weather, lunch will be served poolside, or in the dining room with an incredible view of the ocean. Below is a lose schedule for the weekend:

11:00 AM Arrival
11:00 – 12:15 PM – Checkin and get settled
12:30 PM Lunch will be served
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM rest and get to know the mansion and grounds
4:00 PM Opening circle
5:00 PM Yoga class, optional
7:00 PM Dinner with Chef Castro
9:00 PM Free time
10:00 PM – Individual room & Indoor common area quiet time
8:00 – 8:45 AM Group 1 breakfast preparation – All others get free time
8:45 AM Breakfast
10:00 – 12:00 PM Free time
11:30 – 12:30 Group 2 lunch preparation – All others get free time
12:30 Lunch
2:00 – 3:30 PM Yoga class, optional
3:30 – 5:00 PM Free time
4:30 – 5:30 Group 3 dinner preparation – All others get free time
5:30 PM Dinner
6:30 PM – Book Review around the big fire place
8:30 PM – Free time
10:00 PM – Individual room & Indoor common area quiet time
7:45 – 9:00 – yoga class, optional
9:00 – 9:45 AM Group 4 breakfast preparation – All others get free time
9:45 AM Breakfast
10:30 Closing Circle
11:30 Clean up and preparation for check out
12:00 Check out complete


We are right on the ocean with a commercial dock, so feel free to bring your kayak or SUP board, go for a swim in the pool, read a book in the hot tub if it’s chilly out, take a nap, take a long bath, visit with friends, go for a hike.  There are so many fun things to do, you surely wont get bored!

What will the food be like?
Darci has always loved cooking with friends and for her friends.  At this particular retreat, everybody will be broken up into groups of 4, where each group will be responsible for working with our house chef and Darci to prepare one meal for the entire group.  The idea is that when we take time to connect with each other through food preparation, we bask in the joys of eating our food.

When you sign up for the retreat, you will get a welcome email and in that email will be a link to a food menu survey.  In that survey, please fill out any dietary restrictions, and then pick from the list some of your favourite food items you love to enjoy and/or prepare.  From there, Darci and the house chef will work together to prepare a meal plan for the weekend that will delight and inspire us all.

All meals will be gluten free, with local ingredients where possible, with the option of incorporating local meat that is antibiotic and hormone free.

Sample meal:


Golden sweet potatoes, red pepper sauce, mixed greens, light pork sausage, medium poached eggs, and cashew hollandaise sauce.  


Hardy red cabbage and cauliflower salad coated with a grounding sesame oil dressing, nuts and cheeses with baked chicken breast on top.


Green salad with blue cheese, nuts, apples, and broccoli plated with barbequed salmon or chicken.  


Homemade Raw Chocolates 


Don’t worry, each person will be responsible to help out in the kitchen for one meal, and there will be lots of guidance, laughs and good music to make it a really beautiful experience.


We have broken everyone up into 4 groups.  This means there will be 4 of you, me and our house chef preparing one meal.  The meals will be pre planned, and each person will contribute a small amount of effort to bring the entire meal together.

Who’s this retreat for?

– You don’t take yourself too seriously

– You occasionally swear

– Sometimes (let’s be honest, most of the time) you find it hard to “be in the present moment”

– You’re leader and being vulnerable is either super challenging or you embrace that shit like a warm summer rain

– You’ve got a regular life that you sometimes have to cram yoga into

– You enjoy good food

– You love good conversations or at the very least aren’t afraid to dive a little deeper getting to know members of our community.

– You’re open and willing to get out of your comfort zone

– You’ve got flaws!  Bonus points if you can laugh at them

Do I need to be good at yoga?

No. And please don’t be. It’s annoying. But for real, being “good” at yoga is an interesting topic, and has to do with much more than what meets the eye. An ‘advanced’ practice isn’t a 2 minute handstand.  It’s the ability to practice regularly, safely, and conscientiously. An advanced practice is also how you carry yourself in the world — it’s engaging fully with your life (the highs and the lows). Like we said, being good at yoga is much more than meets the eye.

What kind of yoga will you be teaching?

A little slower, lower to the ground classes with the option to do some work if that’s your thing.  For those who come to the Yoga Lab, think The Roots but with a little more variety, and a little more option to move your body freely.  The weekend is structured in such a way that you don’t have to participate in all the activities. You could instead go for a walk, or take a bath, or read a book or just be hung over.  

Will the yoga classes be sweaty?
Well, that depends.  The yoga classes will take place in the Great Room with a roaring fireplace and a birds eye view of the whale pods typically scene swimming by, or outside by the pool on the deck, under the sun.  Bring layers!


Mostly 20’s-60’s. It’s a large range, and we have yet to have anyone under 20, or over 70. Just like choosing whether to go on a hike or to have a long bath, we always encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zone.


Absolutely.  Please feel free to drink responsibly and enjoy whatever alcoholic bevies that you want to bring yourself.  Please remember that after 10:30 each night, each room and indoor common area are quiet.


Don’t fret, we thought this one through.  All rooms are considered ‘quiet’ at all times.  Indoor common areas are ‘quiet’ after 10:00 PM. What this means, is those who love to stay up late enjoying longer conversations can curl up on the dock, the fire, the deck or by the pool.  This way, we can keep the indoor space sacred and the outdoor space as wild as nature is. Additionally, each registrant will be given a small package upon arrival, and ear plugs will be in there.  If you love absolute silence like Darci, you’ll love having ear plugs!


Yes!  The mansion has wifi, so you’ll be able to post your pictures, or check on your family. But this might also just be your weekend to unplug from it all.


– Any alcohol you’d like to enjoy over the weekend.

– Transportation to and from.


While the number of men attending retreats has increased, women have tended to be the majority of guests in the past.


– Yoga mat, a mat towel (not required, but definitely a good thing if you like practicing with a towel)

– Journal or book if you wish

– Any of the items Darci prepared for you prior to the retreat

– Clothing for 3 yoga classes (don’t forget you might get sweaty-ish)

– Warm clothing to get cozy in

– A bathing suit and beach towel

– Rain gear and boots if you know you want to explore regardless of the weather

– Any foods that you can’t live without (all meals will be provided for you, but sometimes it’s nice to have something for the late night munchies. Oh, and you’ll have access to the main fridge).

– Toiletries

Ocean View shared Queen bed x 4 spots – $850/ea
Nature View shared Queen bed x 2 spots – $825/ea
Ocean View shared room w/ Twin bed x 2 spots – $850/ea
360 2nd Floor View, shared Master King x 2 spots – $900/ea
Pool house shared Queen Bed x 4 spots – $800/ea
Pool House Twin Bed x 1 spot – $800/ea

Pssst – if you’re a friend of a friend and haven’t been to the studio, you’ll need to create an account.


The price includes all of your incredible gourmet food from lunch on Friday through until breakfast on Sunday, your accommodations, a few surprises from Darci during the retreat, all your classes, bedding/pillows, towels, and an entire weekend to be taken care of.  

Although you can pay for the weekend all at once, you can put $395 down (your non-refundable deposit) and take between the time of booking until September 17th 2018 to settle up the remaining amount.  Your payments will be on your schedule and whatever amount works for you. Full payment for the retreat is due by 5:30 pm on September 17th 2019.


If, for ANY reason, you can’t retreat with us, you get back the money you paid, minus a $395 CAD non-refundable portion up to 45 days before the retreat.
It doesn’t matter why you need to cancel. We don’t hassle you for reasons. We completely support your decision, whatever it is — it’s cool with us. We’ll refund your payments, minus the 395 bucks and you’ll be on your way. You can take advantage of our headache-free guarantee anytime between now and September 17th 2018 (45 days before the retreat begins) and your money will be refunded in the same way you paid, no strings attached. After that time, if you can’t make it for ANY reason we’ll bend over backwards to help you fill your spot.  Your spot is fully-transferable so you can sell it to someone you know, like you would a concert ticket — even pay it forward and make someone’s whole year!


You're not the only one missing the studio... #Yog You're not the only one missing the studio... #YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity
Hot yoga. Home yoga. Still yoga. ⁠ ⁠ Landing Hot yoga.  Home yoga.  Still yoga. ⁠
Landing in a yoga practice without the hot room has a level of vulnerability to it.  We know the practise room is a safe space of comfort where we can really show up for ourselves. ⁠
At home, we have the phone ringing, kids running around, long to-do lists.  It's easy to land in the story of "I don't have time for this." ⁠
Creating time for your practice is even more essential during times when the stress is highest. Come to your mat, fill your cup so you're better able to support your family, friends and community.⁠
Nobody ever said, "I regret that yoga class." ⁠
Support your practice online through live classes or OnDemands classes for only $59/month or $15/week. ⁠
Link's in the Bio!⁠
As we drop into another week with our "new normal" As we drop into another week with our "new normal", routines, gratitude and our mental health become more important than ever. ⁠
We've been loving this start of week checking, it keeps small priorities moving forward without putting too much on our plate and leaving time to feel the things we need to feel. ⁠
If I get stuck I'll remember: One small step in the right direction is all you need to create momentum. ⁠
What's on your list? (we hope it's yoga 😘)⁠
📷 @heyamberrae⁠
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity
Hi yogis and friends, it’s Kamila here! As much Hi yogis and friends, it’s Kamila here! As much as I miss the physicality and close connection of actually being at the studio greeting and guiding - I am so immensely thankful to have the opportunity to teach and practice online and have this community to connect to in a whole new way! ⁠
We can take this time to really dive into caring for our own unique needs and listening truly to our own bodies, minds and breath - both on and off the mat. I hope you take comfort in knowing that we are all breathing moving, going through this together. This too shall pass. The sprouting revolutionary thought and questions and togetherness that is budding from this crazy time has a palpable energy, in a way the world is uniting!⁠
The only constant in life is change; life feels very different right now, and it’s okay to have off days of course. Personally, I have had both good days and bad, and mixtures of the two, through it all I have held onto this imagery of us all being within metamorphosis. Caterpillars now in our cocoons, only to emerge soon as happy, healthy, peaceful free butterflies. ⁠
May you be ~⁠
Namaste! ⁠
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity⁠
This is your reminder to take some time to redisco This is your reminder to take some time to rediscover yourself and what sets your soul on fire. Follow your bliss. ⁠
Happy Friday!⁠
📷 @galadarling⁠
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity
"How do I Access the On-Demand Classes?" We've mad "How do I Access the On-Demand Classes?" We've made it even easier to be able to access the On-Demand classes. Sign in through any web browser to your Mindbody account. Select the On-Demand tab and watch your favourite class from the list! ⁠
• You must be in a web browser - On-Demand is not yet available on the app.⁠
• Be sure your browser isn't blocking popups⁠
• Tag us @yogalabwestshore (and your teacher)! We love to feel connected to practice, it helps put a smile on all of our faces.⁠
💥NEW YOGA ON DEMAND💥⁠ ⁠ We are so excite 💥NEW YOGA ON DEMAND💥⁠
We are so excited to be able to be now offering YOGA ON DEMAND as well as Live Online classes. ⁠
What you need to know: ⁠
1. Signing into live classes just got easier! Sign in to class through the Mindbody App, just like you would if you were coming for a studio class. You'll get an email confirmation for your class and a link 1 hour before class. ⁠
2. Classes for @Yogalabvic and @yogalabwestshore will be available as On-Demand classes in Mindbody the next day for you to enjoy when you need them most.⁠
3. Membership costs are being reduced to $59/month for all members. ⁠
Want to learn more? Click the Linkin.Bio to learn more! ⁠
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity
Sending virtual hugs to those who need it today!⁠
We know social distancing can be hard, so here's a Throwback Thursday to studio time with group hugs.⁠
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity #YogaLabVic⁠
You asked we listened! We have so much gratitude t You asked we listened! We have so much gratitude to our students who have been giving us feedback to help improve our offerings and we've got some exciting things up our sleeves! ⁠
We've been working hard on: ⁠
• Improving sound quality⁠
• Posting playlists in the stories when possible⁠
• Having more variety in our classes⁠
• Posting the next day's schedule the night before (check out our new highlight so you can jump right to the schedule)⁠ ... and a few more surprises coming later this week!⁠
If you are a member and you've been having trouble accessing the classes please be sure to reach out to and we'll be able to get you connect asap! ⁠
If you're not a member, join us-- the link's in the bio!⁠
#YogaLabVic #YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity⁠
Have you been drinking enough water? Just because Have you been drinking enough water? Just because we're not in the hot room doesn't mean you don't need to be sippin' that sweet, sweet agua. ⁠
Hydration plays an important role in keeping both your physical body and your mind happy. ⁠
So drink up, buttercup!⁠


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