Our events are so much fun.  We like to host workshops that develop your skills on your mat, and in your life.  We sometimes host parties that are sponsored by our favourite Sheringhams or Driftwood, and we also host potlucks that will remind you how good community and food is.  You must join us!

14 Day Personal Best – Yoga Challenge

DATE: March 11 – 24
COST: $13 (Members/Ambies/Teachers/Intro Monthers) or $60

Think of this challenge as your opportunity to determine what your own Personal Best is.  No you don’t have to do all the classes, but we do want you to spend time focusing on you… It’s only 14 days, so it’s absolutely doable!  We are here to support and challenge you to grow with your practice, your body, and your goals. Sign up at the front desk today and get not just the opportunity to use the sticker board (stickers… *%$!!!), but get free passes to both the ABC workshop and Yogassage class on the last 2 days of the challenge.  Attend 10 classes in 14 days and be entered to WIN a 5 Workshop Punch Card (never expires).

How it works:

  • 1.  Sign up at the front desk or buy your pass online.
  • 2.  Sit down with your schedule and design a 14 day window with a focus on you.
  • 3.  Sign up for the ABC workshop & the Yogassage class to close out the challenge.
  • 4.  Use the sticker board to track your practice
  • 5.  Complete 10 classes in 14 days (will be verified through mind Body sign in) and be entered to win a 5 workshop punch card, where you can attend any 5 workshops that are hosted in our studio. Workshops must be hosted in studio, and is not to be confused with retreats or half day retreats. You can use this pass at anytime, it never expires, so there is no rush to wait and enjoy the many workshops we offer over the course of your time with us.

ABCs of Yoga

DATE: March 23
Time: 1:30 – 3:30 PM
COST: FREE for Challengers, Members, Ambies, Teachers, Intro Monthers or Regular Passes Apply

Join Alicia Onifrichuk and Emily Albert for a 2 hour workshop that breaks down functional movement within a set of like yoga asanas (postures) along with a detailed focus on the ‘flow’ options you sometimes hear in class.  You will work hard during this workshop. You will absolutely laugh… probably a lot. And you will walk away with a stronger understanding of how alignment works within your body.

Special Yin

DATE: March 24
Time: 1:00 – 2:30 PM
COST: FREE for Challengers or Regular Passes Apply

Join Mary-Ann Nyal and Wendy Debeck for the best class possible to end your weekend or challenge. These lovely teachers will offer up Yin focused yoga asanas (postures) along with extra hands on adjustments and massages throughout the class. Reset your nervous system for the week ahead and help the participants celebrate the completion of their challenge!

Round 2 – Mama Core Restore

DATE: April 1 – May 6
Time: 1:30 – 2:30 PM
COST: $77 for all 6

Join Jennifer MacDonald for another 6 week series for new or pregnant moms start April 1st.  If you are a new mom, it also means you have a new body! You require subtle foundational strength training in a therapeutic yoga setting in order to reclaim your mobility. In some cases, leaking and Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) is common after pregnancy, but doesn’t have to be something you live with forever. Certified MuTu Pro, Jen MacDonald will take you through a 6 week program to strengthen your core and pelvic floor; empowering mamas through functional movement. Babies and pregnant mamas welcome too!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are trying to keep the size of the group contained, so this time we will only be accepting Mamas who are able to commit to the full series up front.  

Bliss in Beats

DATE: April 19
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
COST: $20

TWO HOURS OF MOVEMENT AND MUSIC.  Join Melissa and Vanessa of Bliss in Beats for an evening of fun. A sweet flow moving to the DJ’s set followed by an opportunity for free movement, dance or more yoga! This experience is not to be missed.


Our long term goal is to host various destination and local retreats throughout the year so that students can explore the great out doors while enjoying the beauty of also exploring the intricacies of their body.  Check out what we have below and always re-check regularly as there will be more information all the time!



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