Our events are so much fun.  We like to host workshops that develop your skills on your mat, and in your life.  We sometimes host parties that are sponsored by our favourite Sheringhams or Driftwood, and we also host potlucks that will remind you how good community and food is.  You must join us!

Fall Equinox Pop-up Class

DATE: September 23
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM
COST: Regular passes apply

As nature transitions through the seasons, so do we.  Join our community in a seasonal 4 part pop-up series.  Sign up through our regular schedule and try out what a class feels like that has movement, deeper themes, meditation, and an opportunity to help your body and mind transition through the changing seasons in an easeful way. 

We’re Turning 5!

DATE: October 5, 2019
Time: All Day
COST: FREE for All

It’s our favourite time of year, as we’re turning 5!  Our teachers have taken over the schedule and have designed their own classes, themes and we couldn’t be more excited.  Join us on October 5th as we turn 5, and enjoy as many free classes as you want.

ABCs of Yoga Traditions

DATE: October 19, 2019
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM
COST: FREE for Members, $18 drop-in

The translation of the term “yoga” means union, connection. This “connection” that we make is about stilling the mind to know who we really are.  When we do “yoga” we can be still, chanting, doing breath work, helping someone *or* doing asana (the physical postures that often get called “yoga”). Join Liisa  in a workshop that will give you a taste of how deep and beautiful this tradition is and how powerful it can be in helping you find peace.

All bodies and belief systems are welcome.  We are grateful to be gathering on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish People.  We are also filled with reverence for the teachings of the people of Northern India (Uttarakhand) and Shree Mahesh.

An Experience Like No Other

DATE: November 2 & December 7
Time: 2:00 PM
COST: $44 or $80 for both 

Detox Flow:

Move through this gritty flow class, designed to cleanse and detoxify both your mind and body. Are you feeling ready to let go of something and create space for something new? With the use of essential oils, intention setting, Reiki and more, join Erin for this 2 hour healing workshop.

Yang/Yin Sensory Experience:

This is a yoga experience like no other. Join Erin for an indulgent afternoon as she stimulates all of your senses. Through movement, through stillness, Reiki infused therapeutic oils & her healing touch. This is a luxurious merging of body, mind & spirit.

ABCs of Breath

DATE: November 9, 2019
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM
COST: FREE for Members, $18 drop-in

To breathe is to wake up to all that is around you, the sensations, the movements of your body and the moments in between.  To breathe with full awareness gives each of us enough space to respond to life from a place of integrity rather than habit.  In this 2 hour workshop, Darci & Mary-Ann will go over the science behind our breath, varying techniques, and tools for bringing it into your daily life.

Boycott Black Friday

DATE: November 29, 2019
Time: All Day
COST: FREE for everybody

This Thursday our neighbours to the south will be celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends. The following day known as Black Friday, marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and is considered one of the busiest shopping days of the year.  Skip the lines, leave your wallet at home and #BOYCOTTBLKFRI! Join us for a day of free soul nourishing yoga classes.

Winter Solstice

DATE: December 21, 2019
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM
COST: Regular passes apply

Join us in celebrating the return of the sun by moving through a slower flow class, softly lit candles, inspiring music and the wisdom of Erin Keir.  What an incredible time of year to pause, reflect, and take self care.


Our long term goal is to host various destination and local retreats throughout the year so that students can explore the great out doors while enjoying the beauty of also exploring the intricacies of their body.  Check out what we have below and always re-check regularly as there will be more information all the time!

Daring to Lead

DATE: October 25 – 27
COST: starts at $800.

Join Darci Nyal, vulnerability junkie in a weekend focused on the leader within. Perched on the edge of the Saanich inlet, the Morningside Estate is a private venue where we can dive into slow moving yoga classes, delicious meals made together, an unofficial book review, time spent in nature, casual drinks in the hot tub during the stargazing hours of the evenings, and a depth in conversations that will dare you to lead. Chef Castro from the HOB Cafe will cook and inspire us Friday night and upon registration, participants will receive a custom curated gift from Darci herself. Although different than previous retreats, expect the same loving atmosphere, great friends, and new opportunities!

read more here…


Instagram post 2157010686433298974_642881456 •
With the arrival of rainy days, the hot room is feeling soooooo cozy.

Life transitions can feel wobbly with the arrival of rainy days; this shift of nature can skew our inner balance.

How do you take good care of yourself when the sun isn't shining quite so often?
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We are proud to announce we now carry @wildhillbotanicals ~ sustainable luxury organic skincare that is handmade right here on Vancouver Island.
With their mission being to offer herbal skincare that is both effective and rich with plant actives as an alternative to the mass made and chemical filled products that continue to dominate the market, we couldn't not share them with our community!
We are currently carrying their Nootka Rose Cleansing Clay, Rose Geranium Toner, Remedy Salve and Blackberry face serum.

We love them already and know you will too✨
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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Fam 💛

Wishing everyone a joyous, rejuvenating and safe weekend.

Remember we have a shortened schedule this long weekend! Today and tomorrow classes are running as usual but!

8:30am - The Roots
10am - Flow

9:30am - Flow
12pm - The Roots

If we don't see you over the weekend, we look forward to seeing you on the flip side!
Instagram post 2151086574842287083_642881456 Have you checked out our Barre classes yet?

Barre class is a combination of the stretching and toning movements of Pilates and yoga, the strengthening and sculpting principles of isometric movements and a high-energy cardio workout—small isometric movements target and tone every muscle in your body. This class is accessible for all levels and beginners are always welcome. Please be sure to preregister online as class size is limited. Bring a yoga mat and dress as you would for a yoga practice-no socks or shoes are needed.

Barre is currently offered:
Monday @ 12pm
Saturday @ 8am

See you in there!
Instagram post 2149589668152645238_642881456 So excited to have had @julialoglisci an amazing photographer out here last week taking pictures of our big, spacious studio!  Thanks Julia and thank you to all the folks who showed up to participate in the shoot!
Instagram post 2148286784353986847_642881456 We had so much fun today in Jen’s class today.  Happy birthday family, sangha, community!
Instagram post 2148130835056193648_642881456 Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us.  Come join us for a day of free classes. #yogalabwestshore #labcommunity
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Our day of free classes this Saturday Oct 5th is coming up quick!

Join Jen for a Bodacious 80s/90s Barre class to kick off your morning at 8am.

Feel free to wear leg warmers, neon or anything fun that you can move in. This will be a barre class with some Jane Fonda inspired moves and rad music!

All levels are welcome.
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Connection is so important.
Maybe even one of the most potent experiences as a human being.

Connection comes in many forms. We can feel it within ourself, to another being, to nature, to a talisman, to a house that has become a home... and the list goes on.

This potency of connection is part of what makes practicing yoga in community so special.


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