Our events are so much fun.  We like to host workshops that develop your skills on your mat, and in your life.  We sometimes host parties that are sponsored by our favourite Sheringhams or Driftwood, and we also host potlucks that will remind you how good community and food is.  You must join us!

One Life Many Visions

DATE: January 10, 2020
Time: 7:00 PM
COST: $25 (member discounts apply)

Join Darci for a casual evening of dreaming of your future, thinking about how to show up in vulnerability, and how to design the arena in which you’ll rise up in as you seek out goals and adventures that fulfill your soul.  If you’ve ever read any of Brene Brown’s work, you’ll enjoy the many references. Bring your own pictures or favourite quotes, markers and craft supplies so that we can share with the larger group. We will have ample supplies if you have none! 

This workshop is primarily focused on vision boarding, but we will seal the evening off with a juicy meditation at the end.  So we highly recommend coming to the class before the workshop to get into your body and out of your head!

Cost: $25 (free for Dare to Lead retreaters, Ambassadors and teachers)

ABCs of Fit

DATE: January 18, 2020
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM
COST: FREE for members  |  $18 drop-in

Join Jen, Darci and Melissa for a 2.5 hour boot camp style workshop highlighting Fit, a mat based fusion class where foundations are explored to build functional strength while incorporating the mindful inner listening of a yoga class.  Expect to work hard, laugh a lot, and learn more about your body’s strength than you thought possible. This class may include partner work.

Inversions Workshop

DATE: January 26, 2020
Time: 2:30 – 4:30 PM
COST: $35 (discounts apply)

Join Heather Frazer for a skillfully sequenced practice that constructs the fundamentals of a strong, supported and well balanced inversion. Students will get comfortable when things turn upside down on your mat and in life. Suitable for intermediate students that are comfortable bearing weight on their hands and are able to kick one leg up towards handstand against the wall.

ABCs of Yoga Traditions

DATE: February 22, 2020
Time: 1:00 – 3:00
COST: FFREE for members  |  $18 drop-in

The translation of the term “yoga” means union, connection. This “connection” that we make is about stilling the mind to know who we really are.  When we do “yoga” we can be still, chanting, doing breathwork, helping someone *or* doing asana (the physical postures that often get called “yoga”). Join Liisa  in a workshop that will give you a taste of how deep and beautiful this tradition is and how powerful it can be in helping you find peace. All bodies and belief systems are welcome.  We are grateful to be gathering on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish People.  We are also filled with reverence for the teachings of the people of Northern India (Uttarakhand) and Shree Mahesh.

Family Day Yoga

DATE: February 17, 2020
Time: 2:00 – 2:45
COST: $15 per family

Bring your family down for a 45 minute family day yoga class here at the studio with Tianna Andrews.  Incorporating nature, creativity and laughter, families can expect to move their bodies, to laugh and giggle with their little ones, and yes, you will make new memories.  Only sign up one parent, and bring up to 3 little ones.

Spring Equinox

DATE: March 19, 2020
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM
COST: Regular passes apply

Join Kamila for a light hearted spring equinox flow class to help our bodies transition from winter to spring!  Be prepared to move, to twist, to fold and to bend backwards.  This class is an accessible sequence and for all bodies and abilities!

An Experience Like No Other

DATE: March 28 & April 18
Time: 2:00 PM
COST: $44 or $80 for both 

Yang/Yin Sensory Experience:

This is a yoga experience like no other. Join Erin for an indulgent afternoon as she stimulates all of your senses. Through movement, through stillness, Reiki infused therapeutic oils & her healing touch. This is a luxurious merging of body, mind & spirit.

Detox Flow:

Move through this gritty flow class, designed to cleanse and detoxify both your mind and body. Are you feeling ready to let go of something and create space for something new? With the use of essential oils, intention setting, Reiki and more, join Erin for this 2 hour healing workshop.


Our long term goal is to host various destination and local retreats throughout the year so that students can explore the great out doors while enjoying the beauty of also exploring the intricacies of their body.  Check out what we have below and always re-check regularly as there will be more information all the time!


Instagram post 2225218826987293441_642881456 New to our studio? Join our community for 40 days for $40.⁠⠀only available until January 31.
Enjoy unlimited access to all of our classes for 30 days. ⁠⠀
Once your 40 days is complete, reach out to us or chat with our team in the studio to choose which membership or class card best suits your practice.⁠⠀
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Instagram post 2223825517601522177_642881456 Three of our favourite things: Fridays, Fitness and Fuzzy Friends!⁠⠀
Happy Friday everyone, how was your snowy week?
Instagram post 2222835476452535292_642881456 How do we go from freezing cold, to gorgeous and sunny!  We hope that everyone is ready to get back into the heat.  Tonight we have the following classes:
4:30 - Sweat & Stretch
6:00 - Flow
7:30 - Yin (Special for tonight only)

We hope to see you in the warmest place in Langford!
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With over 60 classes a week from all types of yoga to Barre to Fit, you'll be able to cultivate a steady practice while still spicing things up from time to time. ⁠
This is our biggest sale of the year, don't miss out! Use the promo code: IAMSTEADY at the checkout. ⁠
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Instagram post 2220852056789528535_642881456 🎵Happy Birthday to you! ⁠
Happy Birthday to you, ⁠
Happy Birthday dear Jen, ⁠
we so love working with you!🎵⁠
Wish you a very Happy Birthday, we hope your day is as incredible as you!⁠
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Instagram post 2220736426102002346_642881456 Curious about what FIT class is all about? Come out to our latest workshop 'ABCs of Fit'⁠⠀
Join @jenmacd13 , @darcinyal and @modo_melissa for a 2.5-hour boot camp style workshop highlighting Fit, a mat-based fusion class where foundations are explored to build functional strength while incorporating the mindful inner listening of a yoga class. ⁠⠀
Expect to work hard, laugh a lot, and just how strong your body is (Hint: you're stronger than you think!) ⁠⠀
Just a head up: this class may include partner work.⁠ Just a few spots left, register today!
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity⁠⠀
Instagram post 2219251488974505372_642881456 We completely understand, parking isn't always easy but once you know where to park, it's no longer a pain. Three really important things to remember when coming to the studio:⁠⠀
• Arrive early so you aren’t feeling rushed in finding a spot.  Your yoga practice starts far before you arrive, so breathe deep and offer yourself the time you need to arrive safely and without added stress.⁠⠀
• Don’t park in stalls that are not approved.  We really want to you to be happy when you leave the studio and cars that have been tow do not equal happiness.⁠⠀
• When in doubt, ask it out!  There is always somebody at the front desk who can let you know if where you parked requires some refining!⁠⠀
Free and safe places to park your vehicle ANYTIME are: ⁠⠀
• On the main parking pad in front of the studio in stalls marked “The Lab” or the ones that are unmarked entirely.⁠⠀
• Across the street at Walmart (they are absolutely supportive of it too!)⁠⠀
Additional parking stalls for EVENINGS & WEEKENDS⁠: ⁠⠀
• Splashes (Upper Deck) – after 5 PM Monday to Saturday, and FREE all day Sundays⁠⠀
• Splashes (Lower Deck closer to Jacklin Road) – after 5 PM Monday to Friday, FREE on the weekends⁠⠀
We hope the tips above will help make parking problems a thing of the past! Where's your go-to parking spot?
Instagram post 2218503191192370374_642881456 Reminder: ⁠
- You're awesome⁠
- You can do anything you put your mind to⁠
- Drink some more water⁠
Drinking water to hydrate your bod before a hot yoga class is not just a good idea, it's essential to help you stay hydrated, flush toxins and keep your energy up throughout your day. ⁠
Do you have any tips or tricks to help you to remember to drink up? Share them below.⁠
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity⁠
Instagram post 2217581960905601291_642881456 :: Want a $4/month membership? :: We are in need of Ambassadors.  In particular, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.  If you would love to only pay $4/month for an unlimited membership, plus contribute to the collective well being of this studio by committing to 4 hours a week of in studio support - we want to hear from you.  We also have some pretty amazing perks too, which includes a wicked discount on lulu clothes! 
Instagram post 2217268341806309286_642881456 With the beginning of the new decade, it feels like everyone is looking for a change and to become their best selves. Creating a clear vision for what's to come in this decade is the first step.
Join us on Friday at 7pm for a vision boarding workshop to help you create clarity and move into the new year with ease and grace. ⁠⠀
#YogaLabWestshore #LabCommunity ⁠⠀


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